Zaratan AIR. Artist in Residence at Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal.

November 2021


Praxisstipendium der Deutschen Akademie Villa Massimo, Rom

In collaboration with Sabine Scho and Sebastian Felix Ernst

February-March 2020


"Partizip Präsenz"

Artist in Residence at ausland, Berlin.

In collaboration with the audiovisual performance project Epiphany WOW!

February 2019


Musicboard Berlin, Goethe-Institut Kolkata, Border Movement, Wild City

Artist in Residence in Kolkata and Delhi, India

November-December 2018


"When the sea looks back. A serpent's tale".

Artist in residence at NIDA Art Colony, Lithuania

In collaboration with The Many Headed Hydra

July-August 2017


Composition Grant for Golden Diskó Ship

Musicboard Berlin

Lisbon, Portugal

July - October 2015


HIAS Health In The Arts

Artist in residence with Epiphany Now

London, UK

February 2014


Music for an incidental audience

Artist Residency of Arles sur Tec, France

In collaboration with Jasmine Guffond

January 2010